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The microbiology of the gut, whey protein vs raw sport protein

The microbiology of the gut, whey protein vs raw sport protein

There are more bacteria living in the human body than there are human cells. The human gut is a complex ecosystem occupied by a diverse microbial community. There is estimated to be on average 40000 bacterial species living within the body. Gut bacteria play an important role in metabolism, immune function, protection from pathogens and the digestion of food. Some of the bacteria are pathogenic and some are beneficial. The balance between good and bad bacteria plays a huge role in health. An imbalance of bad bacteria is called gut dysbiosis and is associated with a diversity of diseases and syndromes.

The health of the Gut microbiome is one of the most important factors in maintaining Good health. Many factors influence bacteria and the part they play within the body. From a natural birth to caesarean, breast-fed or bottle fed to antibiotic use, all drastically affects balance of bacteria throughout life. Diet plays a key role on the health of the bacteria within the body. A poor diet high in processed foods and sugar feeds bad bacteria. They feed off sugar and multiply, creating an imbalance that can lead to poor health. The key to maintaining optimal gut health through diet is to consume pre and probiotic foods. Probiotic supplementation is recommended after a course of antibiotics.

Why did the entire protein market design a product that doesn't support digestion?

It is an obvious factor but one missed by the majority that a lack a true understanding of nutrition. All protein powders, whether it be whey, soya, rice, or pea have had the protein isolated from the original food. Essentially they all lack the essential enzymes and co factor nutrients necessary for optimal digestion. As a result, huge amounts of people suffer digestive complaints from taking protein powders. Why the hell would any protein company design a product that doesn’t support the digestion of the amino acids within their protein powder? We can only think its to do with profit and price .

What makes Raw Sport different than the rest?

Raw Sport protein powder is a completely different kettle of fish! Throughout the product development process, we engineered a product with digestion and gut health at the forefront of our thought process.

We decided to add five ingredients to ensure every nutrient from each ingredient would be fully digested and assimilated without any negative reaction.

Our best selling elite repair protein has a plant based digestive enzyme complex added, to replace any enzymes missing from the pea and quinoa protein powders we use within the product. In addition we have added a 5 strain live probiotic, with 5 billion organisms per serving. Not only does the probiotics help digestive function, it also acts as a probiotic supplement for health.

Probiotics work more effectively with the addition of prebiotics. Prebiotics are soluble fibers that act as a fuel source to the probiotics and help them multiply, further benefitting the digestion of the proteins and the health of the gut. We use Baobab powder and konjac fibre as prebiotics. They also help the smoothness and texture of the protein powder.

Finally we added Piperine extract. Piperine is the bioactive compound of black pepper and enhances the bioavailability of all nutrients present in the protein powder.

The feedback we have received from our customers on how well our protein digests is positive, with our reviews reflecting the positive feedback. When you select raw sport, you are consuming a clean protein powder, unlike many that are on the market. Raw Sport is a natural product without the use of artificial additives. Many protein powders contain the artificial sweetener sucralose. Scientific evidence has proved sucralose is not a great product for health. It acts like sugar and spikes blood sugars and insulin levels, which can increase the risk of weight gain. Studies also found that the regular consumption of sucralose alters the gut micro biome and can increase the risk of tissue inflammation.

To summarise, Raw Sport is the go to protein powder for both health and performance. The majority of the protein powders on the market are difficult to digest and also contain ingredients that cause potential health problems that include digestive problems...

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